Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Social Networking, What Works for you?

Since the year 2000 hit, we have all had change happen. We used to go sit at a friend's house for hours doing nothing when we were bored. We may have even went out to the mall, went shopping, or sat at home at just watched TV. But one thing that has changed for us, is that we have set aside a portion of our lives to use socially. What I mean by that is, it's not our job to get online and talk, but we have made it a part of our daily lives. It's really not that we have MADE it a part of who we are, but really, it has BECOME a part of our lives. People use social networking for many reasons, business, school, blogging, sharing photographs, chat, keeping in contact and finding friends and family, and sharing our lives with people over the keyboard.
Some people have even taken social networking to a new level. Many people have actually begun Dating people they have never met & becoming friends with people whom they don't know. Here's a fact:
Did you know that by social networking, we are actually helping the economy? For the past 6 years, sales have skyrocketed for many Electronic Companies. Those who use social networking, have been prone to buying electronics to satisfy their needs. We buy Web cams, Digital cameras, Wireless keyboards and Mice ( it is mice right? not mouses?haha), and for us who don't like sitting at a desk, we buy laptops and lounge comfortably while we chat.

But aside from all the information, I personally have accounts on, Myspace, Youtube, Facebook, Xanga, Blogger(duh!), Xat, and a couple smaller sites. My personal preference to fit my needs, are Myspace. But because I like to find old classmates and family members, I use facebook as well. Xat is to fix my needs for my Mobster Family (yes I play Myspace Mobsters). I personally enjoy Myspace the most because Ive been on it the longest. Myspace caused me to develop an interest in photos as well as graphic design. But like anything in life involving people, there can be DRAMA! hate it.

So what are your personal preferences for social networking? And how do you feel about the topic? Let me know with a comment!